Knee sleeves guide

What pair of knee sleeves do I need?

Ready to find the perfect knee sleeves that'll have you crushing those WODs and strength sessions with style and support? Our guide is your ticket to kneesleeve success, tailored just for you. Whether you're a burpee boss or a snatch superstar, we've got your back on selecting knee sleeves that match your need and support level. Lets go through sizing tips to material breakdowns we've got your back, literally. So let's dive in, find your perfect kneesleeve pair, and get ready to dominate those heavy lunges, back squats and much more.

Knee sleeve guide | Step 1: finding your thickness

Getting the right sleeve thickness is crucial for maximizing performance and protecting your knees. Whether you're hitting heavy squats, tackling box jumps, or powering through lunges, the thickness of your knee sleeves can make all the difference in your comfort, stability, and overall performance. In this introduction, we'll explore how the right thickness provides the ideal balance of support without sacrificing mobility, helping you crush your workouts while minimizing the risk of injury. So let's jump right in and uncover the secrets to selecting the perfect thickness for your knee sleeves, ensuring you're primed and ready to dominate every rep with confidence and strength

3 MM Knee sleeves

3 mm knee sleeve is the thinnest knee sleevs you can find. Ideal for runners - those high-energy endurance runs and agility workouts. Designed for minimal support and maximum mobility, these sleeves are all about keeping your knees warm and limber while you push your limits. Perfect for the athlete who values freedom of movement above all else, 3mm knee sleeves provide just the right amount of compression to keep your joints warm without restricting your stride. Whether you're logging miles on the track or darting through agility drills, these sleeves have your back, providing a snug fit that won't weigh you down.

5 MM Knee sleeves

Introducing the most sold thickness of knee sleeves 5 mm. Engineered to elevate your CrossFit game to new heights. Crafted for those who demand a perfect blend of support and flexibility, these sleeves are your secret weapon for conquering those intense WODs with confidence. Offering just the right amount of compression to keep your joints warm and primed for action, 5mm knee sleeves provide the stability you need to crush every lift and tackle every burpee with precision. Whether you're hitting the heavy squats, walking lunges or agility like box jumps and burpees these sleeves have your back (or rather, your knees). .

7 MM Knee sleeves

7mm knee sleeve, the go-to choice for powerlifting, heavy squats, and weightlifting aficionados. Engineered for the most demanding of workouts, these sleeves provide an unparalleled level of stability and reinforcement for your knees, ensuring you can push your limits with absolute confidence.

Built with a focus on maximum support and not flexibility, 7mm knee sleeves are designed to bolster your joints against the heaviest of loads, allowing you to drive through those grueling squats and deadlifts with unwavering determination. Whether you're grinding through a new personal record or battling it out in competition, these sleeves are your trusted ally in the quest for strength and mastery.

Knee sleeve guide | Step 2: finding your size

Choosing the correct size of knee sleeves is paramount to unlocking your full potential during workouts. At our store, we understand the critical role that sizing plays in your fitness journey. That's why we're here to guide you through the process.

If your primary focus is on dynamic workouts, agility training, or endurance exercises, we recommend leaning towards the larger size if you find yourself in between measurements. This ensures optimal flexibility and range of motion, allowing you to move freely without restriction.

On the flip side, if your main goal is to tackle heavy lifts and powerlifting movements, opting for a slightly smaller size can provide the snug fit necessary for maximum support and stability during intense sessions.

It's essential to remember that knee sleeves will naturally expand over time with use, so a snug fit initially is normal. Our sleeves are crafted with premium materials designed to mold to your unique shape while maintaining durability and performance.

Don't let ill-fitting knee sleeves hold you back. Find and follow your perfect size today on each individual product page and experience the difference in comfort, support, and performance