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The ultimate jumprope guide

The ultimate crossfit jumprope guide

Jump rope guide|Introduction

Welcome to the ultimate guide for selecting the perfect jump rope for your CrossFit and functional training journey! Finding the ideal jump rope, also known as a speed rope, can significantly enhance your performance and results in CrossFit and other functional training activities.

Finding the right jump rope can be defficult because there are so many good brands out there. There a jump rope specific companyes like rpm or jumpNrope witch is known for their ability to make incredeble speed and jumo ropes, but in the recent years companyes like picsil and arox has also shown their ability to make lightning fast speedropes

In this guide, we'll explore how to choose the best jump rope based on your skill level and training goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to improve coordination or an advanced athlete aiming for lightning-fast double unders, we've got you covered. Let's dive into the world of jump ropes and discover the perfect fit for your CrossFit and functional training needs!

Crossfit Jump rope guide|Step 1 - Finding your level

Whether you're a novice eager to master the basics or a seasoned pro looking to refine your technique, understanding your current level is essential for selecting the right jump rope and maximizing your training potential. In this text, we'll delve deep into the various skill levels of jump rope proficiency, helping you pinpoint exactly where you stand and what kind of rope you should be looking for

Beginner level

Looking to kickstart your journey into the world of jump ropes? If you're a beginner, we've got you covered! At our expert jump rope emporium, we understand that starting out can feel daunting, which is why we're here to offer tailored advice to ease you into the sport. As a beginner, typically defined as someone new to the CrossFit realm with 1-3 months of training under their belt and yet to master double unders, we recommend jump ropes with longer handles. These longer handles provide added stability and control, making them perfect for honing your skills and building confidence with each jump. For beginners its important to buy a soft wire, that allows you to fail without hurting yourself on a hard wire

Intermediate leveI

If you've been hitting the CrossFit box for 3-6 months and are starting to tackle the challenge of stringing together double unders but haven't quite mastered them yet, you're in the right place. At this intermediate stage of your journey, choosing the right jump rope is crucial for honing your skills and pushing past plateaus. When we are reccomending jump ropes for intermedaite level athletes we are starting to refer to them as speedropes. This is because the jump ropes now are starting to have ball bearing systems and a fast nylon coated wire. The handle lenght should be inbetween long and short for the best possible outcome

Expert level

Have you been doing crossfit for a long time or have you just already mastered the dobbelt unders and are able to do 100 or more unbroken dobbelt unders, then we define you as an expert level. They are now no longer called jump ropes, but instead we call them speedropes, becouse they come with 1 or 2 ballbearings systems and a hard nylon coated wire that allows you to acces full speed of the rope. For you the handle should be as short as possible to be able to transfer as much energy and power from your wrists into the rope without any loss of energy.

RXD® jump rope guide|Step 2 - Choosing your new crossfit jump rope

You are now at the final stage of our CrossFit jump rope guide, and we hope we have made it a little easier for you to pick the correct jump rope that you need in order to succeed with your next training session. Below this text, you will jump ropes that are recommended for the different levels