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Bear KompleX No Hole Pinnacle Speed GripsBear KompleX No Hole Grips
Bear komplex carbon no hole grips Bear komplex carbon no hole grips
Bear komplex lite kneesleeves 4 mmBear komplex lite kneesleeves 4 mm
Bear komplex knee sleevesBear komplex knee sleeves
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Bear komplex chalk 8 blocksBear komplex chalk 8 blocks
Bear KompleX - Black Diamond No Hole Speed GripsBear KompleX - Black Diamond No Hole Speed Grips
Bear Komplex - Carbon comp grips 3 holesBear Komplex - Carbon comp grips 3 holes
Bear Komplex - Black Diamond 3 Hole Hand GripsBear Komplex - Black Diamond 3 Hole Hand Grips

Bear komplex | we are proud partners

Welcome to Bear KompleX, where performance meets precision in every product. Dive into our world of premium CrossFit gear designed to push you to new heights of greatness. From crossfit grips to speed ropes and weightlifting tape, we've got everything you need to dominate your workouts. Let's explore our exceptional selection and discover why Bear KompleX is the choice of champions.

Bearkomplex is an American fitness brand that specializes in creating high-quality equipment for CrossFit enthusiasts. The brand was founded in 2015 by a group of fitness enthusiasts who were frustrated by the lack of durable and comfortable exercise equipment on the market. Since then, the brand has become a popular choice among CrossFit athletes and fitness enthusiasts in general for their innovative and functional products, such as grips, knee wraps, speedropes, skipping ropes and weightlifting belts. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the brand continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in fitness equipment.Bear complex | Used by the best crossfit athletes Maybe you already know them, but if not then let's start by saying that BK collaborates and sponsors some of the world's best crossfit athletes. Their orange color on their grips makes it easy to recognize their products, but that is not the only reason why BK is used by the world's best. They are among the ones used by former best athlete Mat Fraser and his then training partner Tia Clair toomey.

Bear complex | Achieve a better grip with their grips

As one of the first on the crossfit market, bear complex launched a pair of grips called black diamond grips some time ago. It was the first product on the functional training market that really made a difference in how well you could hold on to the pullup bar. See black diamond grips hereBear complex | Their fingerless grips are among the world's most popular. You may have seen fingerless grips before, the whole idea is that you can quickly switch between using your grips to protect the palms, but at the same time quickly rotate them around so that your palms are free to, for example, slide without your grips being on. BK was one of the first brands in the world to launch this fingerless design. If you want to see more models of fingerless grips, you can see our fingerless models here

Bearkomplex Grips: Unparalleled Performance and Durability

Bearkomplex grips are crafted with precision and built to endure the most intense workouts. Designed to provide maximum grip and protection, their grips are trusted by elite athletes worldwide. Whether you're tackling pull-ups, muscle-ups, or kettlebell swings, our grips will keep your hands protected and your performance optimized.

Bearkomplex Speed Ropes: Lightning Fast and Precision Engineered

Experience the thrill of speed with our premium speed ropes. Engineered for maximum performance, our speed ropes are lightweight, durable, and built to handle the most demanding workouts. With precision bearings and ergonomic handles, our speed ropes will help you master double-unders and crush your cardio workouts with ease.

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